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FiOS® TV Select HD
135+ Channels & 25+ HD Channels

FiOS® Digital Voice

FiOS QuantumSM Internet 50/50 Mbps

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What is FiOS?

A 100% fiber-optic network offering unsurpassed performance.

Your life gets better with FiOS®. Experience off-the-chart speeds with a blazing fast Internet connection. Watch your favorite shows and movies with unbeatable picture quality. Keep in touch with friends and family with ultra-reliable FiOS Digital Voice. Do more of the things you love with the nation’s largest provider of 100% fiber optics to the home.

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TV rated #1 in HD picture quality and signal reliability according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

FiOS TV won't confine you to a flatscreen. With more than 95,000 On Demand titles per month and the ability to stream over 60,000 titles with FiOS On Demand on your tablet or smartphone, your entertainment goes wherever you do.3

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FiOS Internet

America’s fastest 4, most consistent and most reliable Internet.

FiOS® Internet is a PC Magazine Readers' Choice Award winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 by PC Magazine in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction 5.

Upgrade your Internet experience to FiOS Quantum tier speeds for the fastest Internet performance available. With FiOS Quantum, there’s no stopping you.

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FiOS Digital Voice

FiOS Digital Voice is the top-rated phone service according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

FiOS Digital Voice flawlessly integrates with FiOS Internet and FiOS TV, making it easier to manage incoming calls and block unknown numbers. With the advanced technology of FiOS Digital Voice, you can also decide which calls are important enough to reach you on up to three different numbers.

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The coverage of Verizon.

With the FiOS network, you’re setup for the highest quality today and the high-tech innovations of the future.

Verizon FiOS is broadband technology involving fiber optics. These fiber-optic cables are made of hair-thin bundles that carry data directly into your home through pulses of light.

This technology is the most advanced on the market today. Far surpassing cable, DSL and satellite, fiber-optic cables have the capacity to:

  • Carry more data
  • Send information over longer distances
  • Support the largest bandwidth possible

Fiber-optic technology isn’t just the best form of broadband currently available. It’s capable of expanding to support future advances in digital communication and entertainment technology. As these industries continue to advance, you won’t have to worry about buying the “next big thing" in six months.

Simplify your life.

Combine Internet, TV and phone service into a FiOS Double orTriple Play to save the most money every month.

FiOS Double Play

The FiOS Double Play bundles together two types of services, like FiOS TV and FiOS Internet or FiOS Internet and FiOS Digital Voice. Combine the services you use most to save money every month.

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FiOS Triple Play

The FiOS Triple Play combines FiOS TV, FiOS Internet and FiOS Digital Voice all in one great FiOS deal. Enjoy award-winning service, incredibly fast download and upload speeds, as well as unlimited calling. Verizon FiOS has it all wrapped together in one great package. If your needs are more specific, we have a variety of FiOS plans to fit your digital lifestyle.With the FiOS network, you’re set up for the highest quality today and the high-tech innovations of the future.