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DVR Hoarders: Breaking the Cycle

More than a decade ago, DVR hoarding didn’t exist. With the debut of TiVo in 1999, TV viewers were introduced to a world where they didn’t have to sit through endless commercials or miss a minute of their favorite TV shows when they wanted to get up for a snack or go to the bathroom.

Digital video recorders changed the way we watch TV. Now we can watch more of what we want and on our schedule. But what happens when multiple people in your home want to record multiple shows at the same time?

DVR overload.

Stopping the DVR wars

Nothing beats binge watching an entire season in just a few days, instead of waiting an entire week to see what happens after the last episode’s cliffhanger.

But an entire season of one series takes up a lot of space on a normal DVR. And what if other family members want to do the same with multiple shows? Some DVRs with only 500 GB of storage will run out of space in no time. Plus, often only the person watching the TV attached to the DVR can enjoy the features of pausing, playing and rewinding live TV.

Fios QuantumSM TV is different. It ends the DVR wars with recording and storage capabilities that the standard DVR can’t compare to.

Enough storage and recording space for the family

Fios Quantum TV offers two plans for unprecedented storage and recording space that will stop DVR hoarding in any home.

Fios Quantum TV – Enhanced Service

  • Records up to 6 shows at once
  • Can store up to 100 hours of HD recording
  • Can support up to 5 TVs

Fios Quantum TV – Premium Service

  • Records up to 12 shows at once
  • Can store up to 200 hours of HD recording
  • Can support up to 10 TVs

Save DVR space and take your entertainment on the go

Another way to prevent DVR hoarding in your home is to take full advantage of Verizon’s free Fios Mobile App. You can start streaming once you order Fios TV while you wait for professional installation or for your equipment to arrive to install it yourself.

The Fios Mobile App uses an Internet connection to allow you to stream TV on any of your devices anywhere in the house.1

The exciting features available to you through your Fios TV are on ALL compatible devices in ONE easy-to-use application. Use the Fios Mobile App to:

  • Access live streaming channels anywhere in the home.1
  • Leave home and continue watching select channels live
  • Watch 60,000+ Fios On-Demand titles2 (which includes free subscription content) anywhere – at home or on the go
  • Browse and search the channel guide
  • Schedule recordings and remotely manage your DVR
  • Turn select devices into a virtual remote control for your Fios TV (with a Fios router and HD STB)