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150/150 Mbps Internet, Custom TV & Home Phone

$79.99/mo for yr 1, $84.99/mo for yr 2 with a 2-yr agmt + taxes, RSN, FDV & other fees & $12/mo. STB equip. charges1
HBO® or Multi-room DVR Service included for 2 years.1
Up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee.3

Advantages of Fiber Optics

Fiber-optic technology is the future-proof way to get Internet, TV and home phone service in a residence or business. And with Verizon fiber-optic Internet, download speeds can reach up to 500 Mbps in some parts of the country 4. Our 100% fiber-optic network provides superior Internet, TV and home phone services.

Fiber-optic Internet providers and subscribers alike benefit from the technologically advanced and superior quality of fiber-optic communication systems, like the Verizon Fios network.

fiber optic cable vs. coaxial cable

What are fiber-optic communication systems?

These systems use fiber-optic cables to transmit Internet, TV and home phone signal from a central office to a receiver at the subscriber’s home or business. The signal travels via lasers or light emitting diodes (LEDs). The receiver converts the light signal into a form that computers, TVs or telephones can recognize.

The two kinds of fiber-optic communication systems are FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) and FTTC (fiber-to-the-curb). FTTH utilizes fiber-optic cable from the central office all the way to the subscriber's home. FTTC utilizes another medium in addition to fiber-optic cables, like traditional copper wiring, before it reaches the home.

Verizon fiber-optic Internet, TV and home phone all employ FTTH, so Fios® fiber-optic Internet speed isn’t hindered by the presence of copper wiring.

Fiber optic advantages

Fiber optics hold a number of important advantages over traditional copper wire networks. For example:

  • Unlike cable, with Fios the fiber-optic cables going to your home are immune to power surges, noise, and static.
  • Unlike cable, fiber is not easily affected by water. Fiber-optic technology is practically weather-proof.
  • Fiber optics use light to transmit information, so the networks can transmit more information between the central office and the home - faster. This means faster fiber-optic Internet speeds, sharper fiber-optic television and clearer calls with fiber-optic home phone.
  • Fiber-optic cables are made of thin glass tubes making them harder to tap without detection – trying to tap a fiber-optic cable will likely break the glass and alert people to the security breach – making your network more secure.

The fastest5 and most reliable Internet available

Verizon Fios fiber optics offer super-fast Internet, high-definition television and clear home phone service to customers. It's an incredible value as Fios customers receive a better customer experience for about the same cost as cable.

Verizon Fios uses the most advanced fiber-optic technology available in the industry today. Our future-ready network technology offers superior speed and reliability for everything you do online.

Trust Verizon’s 100% fiber-optic network and trust the professionals at Verizon to give you the best service.5

Call 1.888.281.5523 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives to see if Verizon Fios services are available where you live.