Which Type of Internet Service is Best for you?

Internet Of Things Concept And Cloud Computing Technology

Speed, reliability, availability, affordability. There’s a lot to consider when selecting internet service for your home. Lots of options lead to lots of questions. And since every home is different, there’s more than one right answer. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of popular internet services, from satellite to DSL. DSL uses your telephone line to simultaneously deliver … Read More

Clean your tech!

Portrait Of Happy Male Janitor Cleaning Computer On Office Desk

Wear your favorite pair of jeans every day, and they’ll get dirty. Really dirty. The same goes for your favorite tech. Smartphones, tablets and laptops don’t see much downtime. Neglect cleaning your tech, though, and you risk compromising its performance – not to mention harboring a host of germs. I once had trouble charging an Android phone. Convinced I’d broken … Read More