Social Engineering: The Human Hack


When we think of hackers, we think of black gloves and dark basements, voice scramblers and glowing green numbers. But this image is increasingly more sci-fi flick than real-life threat. The cybersecurity industry has stepped up its game. Computer code can be fortified, programs protected, systems defended. Humans, on the other hand, have defects that can’t be patched up with … Read More

Internet vs. the World Wide Web


In casual conversation, “internet” and “World Wide Web” are usually taken to mean the same thing. In reality, they’re quite different. The World Wide Web is just one of many methods that allow us to access information on the internet. Stay tuned, we’re about to get technical. The internet isn’t an enigma. It’s a physical infrastructure. This massive global network … Read More

Modems vs. Routers

Network yellow cable and router or modem

The internet is a nearly unlimited supply of information and entertainment. But those Wikibinges and cat video marathons wouldn’t be possible — at least on a computer — without the help of a modem and a router. How are they different, and how do they work together to help you get online? The modem “Modem” is short for “modulator-demodulator.” (Catchy, … Read More

Could Energy-efficient Bacteria Batteries Replace Lithium?

Lithium Ion Battery

Laptops and bacteria have a long and sickening history together. The next chapter, though, might turn the tide on the story. As a new source of renewable energy, bacteria-powered batteries might become the next sick trend. (And we mean sick like cool, not germy.) The trickiest part will be finding a way to store the bacteria’s energy, as storage of … Read More

Apps to get your Life in Order

Vector concept of analysis and market research. Flat style design - vector illustration

If you often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re not alone! With so many social, workplace, and financial obligations vying for your attention every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Create order in chaos with these apps that will help you de-clutter and simplify your daily life. Wunderlist In your organizational toolbox, Wunderlist is the Swiss Army … Read More

Real Tech That Fiction Predicted

Wearing touchscreen smartwatch with app icons. Abstract smart watch concept.

As technological advances continue in the Digital Age, the line between science and science fiction sometimes becomes blurred. You might be surprised by some of the real-life gadgets that appeared decades before their invention in popular fiction. Here are a few of our favorites. Self-driving cars | Metropolis (1927) Driverless cars are very cutting-edge right now. But long before Google … Read More