5 Essential Apps for Working Smarter Remotely

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - June 22, 2015: Woman Using App on Apple

Whether you’re a telecommuter, a business traveler, or merely take the occasional sick day, knowing the right apps and services can make working remotely much smoother. Get friendly with these five must-have resources, and you’ll be ready for whatever your work life throws at you.


Scanner Pro

Lugging a full-size scanner around isn’t super convenient. Thankfully, Scanner Pro can do the heavy lifting for you! This clever app turns your smartphone’s camera into a mobile scanner, with easy multi-page scanning and distortion correction to make your documents crisp and clear. OCR technology makes your documents’ content searchable for easy browsing. You can also use this app for digitizing receipts, important documents, and files to cut down on clutter at home. While Scanner Pro is only available for iOS, Text Fairy is a similar option for Android devices.


Working with clients or companies that prefer faxes to emails? Ditch the giant office appliance in favor of Hellofax, a convenient online service that allows your computer or mobile device to send PDFs to a fax number — and receive them from fax machines too. Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and more makes accessing your faxes anywhere a breeze. Check out Hellofax online via your computer or the mobile site.


Take your conference calls on the go — and throw in some digital face time — with GoToMeeting. Think of it as Skype for business. This popular service makes HD video conferences simple, with meeting URLs that can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Meeting connections are encrypted, so you can be sure confidential conversations are private. Add integration with Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and more, and you’re really in business. Visit GoToMeeting online to start your free trial.


Task management tools like Trello can be a lifesaver for anyone who needs to collaborate, online or offline. Like a digital corkboard, Trello allows you to organize your tasks in stacks of cards, which are easily customized with subtasks, links, images, comments, and more. Trello’s also great for shared projects, because setting deadlines and assigning tasks on a shared board only takes a few clicks. You can download Trello for both iOS and Android devices.


File sharing doesn’t get much simpler than Dropbox. The age of the flash drive is over; consolidating your files in the cloud will allow you to share them quickly — and access them from anywhere, on whichever device you have handy. Comment threads and intuitive tagging (@Name, just like your favorite social media site) make Dropbox a popular collaboration tool. Try it for free, then download the app for iOS and Android.