Apps to get your Life in Order

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If you often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re not alone! With so many social, workplace, and financial obligations vying for your attention every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Create order in chaos with these apps that will help you de-clutter and simplify your daily life.


In your organizational toolbox, Wunderlist is the Swiss Army Knife. This powerful list app can help you set goals and make them happen. Easily manage your life’s many lists, from daily to-do’s to reading lists and vacation planning. Wunderlist is cloud-based, so you can access your info on the computer or via any of their suite of gorgeous apps.

What we love

  • Sub-tasks to track progress on long-term projects
  • Customizeable due dates & reminders
  • Ability to organize sets of tasks into separate lists and folders (by home/work/family member, or by project/client)
  • Sorting tasks by list or by due date
  • Tasks are fully searchable; can categorize further with hashtags
  • Ability to assign tasks to others on shared lists (great for chores and honey-do lists!)
  • Easy list printing
  • Satisfying “ding!” noise when you check off tasks


If you’re a sticky note person, Trello is your ticket into the digital age. Think of it as a virtual pin board: you create “cards” (much like virtual sticky notes) and drag them into stacks that make sense to you. Trello’s highly visual interface offers a bird’s-eye view of all your tasks across categories, with rich functionality for organizing information in your cards. It’s an excellent online collaboration tool.

What we love

  • Allows multi-format attachments
  • Intuitive tagging system that works like Facebook or Instagram
  • Checklists/subtasks within cards
  • Further organize tasks with labels
  • Comment threads on cards make it easy to update everyone involved
  • Cloud-based; desktop and app versions are equally awesome


OK, there are a bajillion uses for Evernote. While it’s a perfectly capable list platform, we think it really shines in the role of digitizing your paper records — receipts, records, paperwork, schoolwork, and anything else cluttering up your kitchen table. Pair Evernote with a scanning app like Snap2PDF to turn photos of your documents into searchable PDFs, and say goodbye to your ancient filing cabinet; now you can have your important documents with you everywhere you go.

What we love

  • Notes are searchable across notebooks
  • Simple file sharing
  • Built-in chat for easy online collaboration
  • Cloud-based – use online or on your phone
  • Organize within notebooks with tags


It sounds like a typo, but IFTTT (If This Then That) can make your life easier by automating simple tasks. It works like a sort of chain reaction between different, compatible apps. There are lots of IFTTT “recipes,” depending on what apps and services you already use. For example, you can set IFTTT to automatically save a copy of your photos to Dropbox when you post them on Instagram. Or to automatically mute your phone when you arrive at work — and unmute it when you get home. IFTTT is close as you’ll currently get to a robot butler. Enjoy!

What we love

  • When you complete one task, your phone will automatically complete a second task via a connected app or service.
  • Tons of combinations – search them by channel to discover recipes that are relevant to the services you already use.